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Who is IOHS?

Integrated Occupational Health Services IOHS is a private assessment and rehabilitation centre. In St. John's, our fully equipped, spacious facility allows us to perform a variety of clinic-based work-simulated assessments and treatment services. Assessments can also be performed in workplace and home settings by our consultants across the province.

No matter where you are in Newfoundland and Labrador, IOHS sets the standard in consultation, evaluations, and rehabilitation, and can manage all aspects of your workers’ health and fitness needs.

Mission Statement

We are committed to maximizing ability and reducing the effects of disability on an individual’s quality of life. Working as an integrated team with other health professionals, we will help our clients reach their optimal potential through prevention and early intervention.

IOHS Services

IOHS provides services that fall into five categories:
  • Client Assessment Services
  • Work Site/Home Assessments
  • Treatment Programs
  • Medical-Legal Consultation
  • Fitness Centre Services
Please contact us if you would like information on how IOHS can care for your occupational therapy needs.